LLLL.domains is proud to have won the start-up scholarship along Network Lane at Namescon on Sunday! We are looking forward to meeting the attendees and letting people know about LLLL.domains. In the spirit of Namescon, LLLL.domains is beginning a contest today. However, you don’t need to be at Namescon to participate! Simply register at LLLL.domains and you will be entered into a drawing to win a free LLLL.com domain name for each domain name that you list on the platform or for each name that you bid and win at auction at LLLL.domains between today and January 31, 2016. Pretty simple and you have nothing to loose!

Namescon Contest

Whether you are a buyer wanting to buy LLLL domain names or a seller wanting to sell LLLL domain names, or our favorite users, those who want to both buy and sell LLLL domain names, you really have come to the right place. Our customized user interface was developed by a domainer for domainers. As such, we have created a robust easy but versatile platform that we are sure you’ll enjoy! If you are at Namescon, we really want to meet you! So please, take the time, stop by and say hello to Vincent Jacques.

There are up to 456,976 LLLL dot com domain names out there, and every single one of them has been registered at least once, with the last reportedly registered on November 2, 2007. The goal of LLLL.domains is to provide a niche EBay auction style platform where traders, domainers and end users can buy and sell the hottest domain class in the industry today, LLLL aftermarket domain names!

Once registered, if you are a seller, you can begin using the platform to sell your LLLL domain names immediately. Unlike most other platforms, there are no fees associated with listing your names! Simply register, list your names, choose the appropriate categories and make some sales. Upon completion of a sale, there is a flat, industry low 6% commission on the successful sale, payable by the Seller through the sale.

After a Seller lists a LLLL domain name for auction and the name sells above any set reserve price, there is a 6% commission payable to Resell Domains (parent of LLLL.domains) upon a successful sale, which will be deducted from the buyers payment through PayPal or Escrow.com. If the name does not sell, there are no additional fees to the Seller to relist the LLLL domain name.

Once an auction is won, the Buyer will be provided an automatic notice of payment due. The payment due can also be seen in the Buyers account. At this time, the Buyer is provided two options to pay for the name. Specifically, Escrow and Paypal. Please note that many Sellers specify their preferred payment option in the auction details. If a Seller has indicated a specific payment method, this is the payment method that should be used b y the Buyer for that particular name. If the Seller has not indicated a specific payment method, the Buyer can choose between Escrow or Paypal. The 6% flat commission will automatically be included in the transaction either at Escrow or Paypal.

Again, you have nothing to loose. Register, list a name and/or bid to win and you could win yourself a free LLLL dot com domain name pushed to your GoDaddy account! So what are you waiting for?

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