What Are LLLL Domains?  Have you been searching for an easy to remember domain name? Or are you looking to invest in an easily marketable one? Abbreviated domains have been around since the birth of the Internet. The quick and easy accessibility that abbreviations provide has attracted domain buyers for decades, but just because people have bought them, does not mean that they are actually being used.

LLLL domains have been a large part of an Internet guru’s life for a long time. For those that are not sure what LLLL domains are, they are four-letter domain names (each ‘L’ represents a letter in the domain). For example, aaaa.com or shoe.com. With that being said, there are a finite amount of LLLL domains available to the public. Think about it, and I hate to bring up math, but it seems necessary here. There are 24 letters in the alphabet, and there are only 4 spots open for a letter in the domain name. In one TDL (Top Level Domain, like .com, .net, or .gov) there are 456,976 possible combinations. Seems like a lot, right?


Remember that domains have been bought and sold for a very long time and that there are millions of people that are looking for new domains every day. This means that if you want to purchase an abbreviated or short word domain, you will probably have to buy it from a secondary investor. In fact, the last LLLL.com domain available was claimed in 2007.

Even if there were unclaimed LLLL domains, chances are, the specific one that you want has already been claimed. Think about it, does your prospective domain contain some of the most common letters used in the English language? What about vowels? Don’t even get me started on vowels.

These types of LLLL domains are known as Premium Letter Domains. They consist of any combination of the consonants B, C, D, F, G, H, J, L, M, N, P, R, S and T plus the vowels A, E, I, O and U. If you’re looking for a domain containing any combination of these letters, then, unfortunately, you are probably out of luck. Of these LLLL domains there are only 104,976 possible combinations, and these were likely the first to be swept up.

But you might not be entirely out of luck.

LLLL domains have become a great investment because of their predictability and resale capability. Investors know that these domains will always be sought after. This means, that a lot of domain buyers have purchased LLLL domains with the intent of selling them to the highest bidder in the future.

So not all hope is lost.

In some cases, these domains can be bought at a pretty low price and sold at almost 10 times the amount that you purchased them for. So even if you aren’t planning to start a new website with a swift and catchy domain name, you still might want to purchase whatever domain you believe will skyrocket in price. There will always be new businesses with new acronyms that are just waiting for the next LLLL domain to become available. Plenty of investors can put their LLLL domains up for auction whenever they feel like it. And many do.


Most LLLL domains are acronyms for a specific business. Probably one of the most popular, however, is a full name: ebay.com. But the 4-letter combinations that a company can use as their domain name provide a chance to get creative for some people. For example, if you type in abcd.com, you will find yourself at the ABC network’s homepage. This can really help out the marketing involved in spreading your web site’s publicity.

This also means that a lot of very large companies look for LLLL domains, not just because they will keep their client-base from stumbling onto another site that is not their own, but also because they know that they can afford to purchase that domain name.

Some of these LLLL domains have sold for a lot of money, and I mean A LOT of money. BETM.com was just sold for $32,000, but the pay off for auctioning an LLLL domain can get even higher than this. For example, moki.com was just bought by a security app designer of the same name for over $66,000. Could you imagine purchasing a domain for around $200 to $300 dollars and then auctioning that same domain for 10x to 20x the profit?

The auctions aren’t restricted to US businesses either. Aipu.com was purchased by an online Chinese store for $40,000. The domain Fjly.com was bought out by a Chinese travel agency for $30,000. It’s important to remember that we are not the only country that has access to the Internet. There are millions of businesses worldwide and each represent a business opportunity.


It should be understood that the more marketable an LLLL domain is the more it will stand out from the 456,976 LLLL domains. These domains have the highest chance of being sold at a high pay-off. There are a couple of ways to tell if an LLLL domain is more marketable than another. I’ll talk you through some of the different factors.


The first thing that should be said about marketing LLLL domains is that you need to be patient. Some people have claimed these domains around ten years ago and are still waiting for someone to come looking for an exact abbreviation. But the wait will be well worth it. A lot of businesses will go to great lengths in order to get the exact acronym that they are looking for.

Premium Letter Domain Names

We’ve already talked about Premium Letter Domain Names. These are domain names that have definitely been claimed already. The price might be higher to purchase these names, but the pay off will probably be worth it, you just have to wait for the right bidder to come around. The frequent use of these letters makes the time that you wait around for the right bidder a little less nail biting. In other words, the more frequently used a letter is in the English language, the higher the chances are that a business is going to be looking for a domain with that letter.

Full Words

Full worded LLLL domains are, by far, the most lucrative domains to auction. These domains are very easy to remember, they probably reference a business’ product directly and they are much easier to find through a search engine. It goes without saying that these domains are probably the most expensive, but have the highest chance of finding an extremely high bidder. They may, however, be very difficult to find due to the high demand associated with four-letter word domains.

Should I Invest in LLLL Domains?

If you have the money and you are looking to play a little risk game, then yes. LLLL domains are safer than stocks because businesses are always looking for different domain routes to their main website, but you have to play a more active role as an investor. The domain mentioned earlier, abcd.com, didn’t even take the customer to a domain with the same name. It takes you to abc.go.com. The wide use of LLLL domains means that there will always be a demand for LLLL domains.

Buying and selling LLLL domains is all about knowing where and how to play the auction game. Specialized auction platforms like LLLL.domains provide a quick and easy way to auction off your LLLL domains because businesses know that this site offers a very specific type of domain. If you use a platform like LLLL.domains, then you will sell your LLLL domains at a much faster rate at a realistic price. You can probably find the most marketable LLLL domains through this platform as well, seeing that many investors look for specialized auctions in order to reach a specific type of client.  LLLL.domains really makes the best of your LLLL domain investments and is definitely worth trying out if you are serious about investing.

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